Italian Style

Here is some deliciousness from Etsy. Today’s theme – Italy. As usual, click the pic to hop on over to the shop.

How utterly bonkers are these shoes??? I LOVE them.




A stylish fall

Fashion is most delicious in Fall, no? This first set is all Diesel, according to Polyvore. I love the rugged look that a lot of the Diesel stuff has. It’s very American Western. I sincerely need those sunglasses.

The second set is a mix of brands, etc. I put these sets together on Polyvore, by the way. If anyone would like to follow me there, my user name is ryn7791. I love Polyvore. It’s like playing in someone else’s closet.

scarf tying

I stumbled on this great post today on a blog called In the loop. They have great suggestions for different ways to tie scarves. Making old things feel new again rocks. I would love to try some of these. Maybe not number 2, though. It looks sort of like a boob turban.




Here’s the link to the rest of the post –

and another link to a scarf tying library!