pretty earrings

Mauve Pink Chalcedony, Rose Quartz, Rhodolite Garnet on Antiqued Brass Filgree and clay floral earrings- Multigemstone – A Stroll in Summer

How cute are these?!?!

Click the pic to link to the etsy store. They have many other cute things.


sweet ride

I love cars. They’re marvels of modern machinery and often – so very pretty. This one caught my eye today.

Mercedes. Liquid metal paint. All electric. 740 horsepower. Damn, I would look good in this. And at only $536,804, what a bargain!


style: delicious outerwear

Every time I see a cape, I want one. They’re so impractical, like this adorable one with the too-low arm sleeves. As long as you don’t need to reach up for anything, you will totally look cute! Love the military details.

Love this coat too.

If I wore this, I would feel like a character in a movie. I would say Steampunk if the color were more steampunkish. This jacket is shouting for high-heeled boots.

Both are available on Etsy. Click the pic if you would like to visit the corresponding store.

What to do with those leftover garden tomatoes

Our first post comes from our food contributor, the Tasteless Chef.

If you live in the midwestern US and you have a back yard garden, you probably have a whole bunch of garden tomatoes. A tomato plant is one of those things, if you can get it really growing, you’re drowning in them by the end of the season.

So today we have a  recipe for a lovely side dish Tasteless Chef is calling Tomato Side.

Peel and chunk up several whole tomatoes. 
Remove seeds and liquid. 
Chop up a small onion.

Add half a cup of sour cream and half a cup of Hellman's mayonnaise. 
Sprinkle in half teaspoon dill along with a sprinkle of sugar. 
Cut up and add some cherry tomatoes.